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Optica Normal

Optica Normal is a typeface built with the help of orthogonal lines assembled together in a fixed order. In this optic game we can perceive a pattern texture but if you analyze the line directions you will see the text inside. This type performs better at large sizes. Optica Normal is a tribute to the Colombian artist Omar Rayo’s optic art.

2009 – Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by the Type Directors Club
2010 – Nominee to Designpreis Deutschland
2010 – Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by the 4th Biennial of typography Tipos Latinos


This design was based on letters made on wood engraving, the immediate association was Neuland, by Rudolf Koch, so it has a source of inspiration in it, but Barrilito is more uniform in its design. Ligatures are an attractive feature for titling fonts, so it has a lot of ligatures between pairs of letters, it allows the designer to have a wide scope of options to set a title text.

2009 – Listed in the best fonts of 2009, by Lettercult.
2010 – Selected font by the the 4th Biennial of typography Tipos Latinos.
2011- Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by Communication Arts’ Typography Competition.


Based in the work of popular peruvian artists, this font has three versions that work as layers to simulate the colorful effect of their market signs. Chicha is the name for the mix of cumbia and andean music that started this graphic style in their posters. Each font has 900 glyphs including ornaments, stylistic alternates and ligatures with west european diacritics. It’s a great font with rhythm and popular flavor for display use.

2012 – Honorable Mention in Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2012

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